Call for Participation

Submissions for the workshop are now closed.

It is acknowledged that all digital technology is designed, whether knowingly or not, to fit a specific worldview or political stance. For example “sharing economy” services such as Uber or AirBnB, support a Silicon Valley-centric future devoid of state regulation and anti-monopoly legislation. As a community, we must question to what end are we improving the efficiency, efficacy and satisfaction of interactions. Are our goals any different to that of entrepreneurs?

New technology is typically proposed as a way of cutting costs, removing or lowering the need for human work. Yet it is rare to see technology designed towards a future in which making money is not a key concern – it seems to be currently beyond our collective imagination. In this workshop we wish to counteract this. We wish to convene academics, artists, designers, and developers to explore the interstices of HCI and post-capitalism, and design to support and facilitate a post-capitalist future.

We welcome one of two formats of submission: 1) A two-page ACM Extended Abstract format position paper 2) A short video submission (2-4 minutes) along with a 1-2 paragraph expression of interest. Both submission formats should outline the authors’ motivations, ideas and potential designs for the workshop. Examples of topics include: tools to enable greater civic participation, technologies and systems to remove corporate/financial influence, how fully automated luxury communism might work, tools to suppress the rise of capitalism, disrupting the marginalisation of vulnerable populations, approaches to encourage communism and the emancipation of big data.

We ask the authors to indicate how many authors will attend the workshop as places are limited. All workshop participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the main CHI conference. Details of registration fees can be found here.